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Pastor's Report Term 1 - Week 9 | 4 April 2019

Peter Janetzki


Did you know Australia once had one and two cent coins?

They were withdrawn from circulation in 1992, so they’ve been absent from our change for quite a while now. Of course, removing these coins from circulation posed a problem: what would Australia do with all those redundant one and two cent pieces? As our Year 6s learnt last week, during their visit to The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, someone came up with a nifty solution.

The coins were melted down and made into bronze medals for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. In this way, third place winners were able to take a little bit of Australia home with them, when they left our country and returned to their own.

In a sense, Good News Lutheran College has a similar mission. Students who attend Good News, receive Good News! Indeed, they hear the best news of all, that God loved humanity so much he sent his one and only Son to this planet. This Son was born as a human being and lived a sinless life on earth. Jesus then suffered and died in our place so we could receive God’s life and love eternally (John 3:16).

Students at our College are given the opportunity to hear this Good News and take it to heart – and so carry God’s life and love with them wherever they go.

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