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Pastor's Report Term 1 - Week 7 | 21 March 2019

Peter Janetzki


Have you heard of Mr Squiggle? He was a regular character on ABC TV some years ago.

Mr Squiggle was a friendly puppet who flew to earth from the moon in his Rocket, delighting children by using his pencil nose to turn random ‘squiggles’ into sensible drawings.

Earlier this week I gave a number of staff and students some sheets of paper replete with random squiggles. I invited them to turn each squiggly page into a sensible drawing. Below are the pages they started with along with a sample of the results:

Most creative! I’m sure you agree.

The point of the exercise: Sometimes, our lives can be like the original drawings: nothing makes much sense; it’s all a bit of a jumble. God’s a bit like Mr Squiggle or our resident artists: God can take a messy jumble and make something meaningful from it. That’s exactly how God worked through Jesus. Who would have thought that suffering at the hands of the Roman occupying forces and then dying a criminal’s death on a cross, would usher in forgiveness and life for you and me? Yet that’s what came about through Jesus’ suffering and death.

God can make bad things turn out for good.

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