Each One Special 

It is our belief that each person is created by God with unique gifts and talents. Each person has a valuable contribution to make for the good of all. God loves each person.


Each One A Sinner

It is our belief that each person is sinful by nature and is prone to doing wrong.


Correction and Guidance

We believe that for children to learn most effectively, they need a safe and happy environment with secure guidelines for behaviour. We allow room for mistakes, and offer God's forgiveness in Christ to all in the community. We also recognise the need for consequences to be applied to create a safe and secure environment. This correction is firm yet caring, with the aim of developing self discipline, responsibility and respect and considerations of others.


Parental Cooperation

Where behaviour is consistently inappropriate, the teacher and/or Head of School will contact parents to make them aware of the situation so that we can work together to improve it. Corporal punishment is never considered an option. Close cooperation between parents and the College is vital for good discipline, and for a Gospel motivated way of life to be achieved.